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MARK 301: Principles of Marketing - Brock ..: ProQuest Entrepreneurship

Finding useful articles with ProQuest Psychology Journals

How to search ProQuest Entrepreneurship

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link located beneath the basic search box.

  2. Our first search terms will be the  "solar energy" and (homes OR domestic)

  3.  Choose appropriate limiters:

  4. Now click the Search button.

Interpreting your results:

The main column on the page consists of the results of your search. You can sort the results by publication or relevance, and limiters that can be used to narrow your search results appear in the left column of the page. Note: Your Keywords will be highlighted in your search result list.

Screenshot of ProQuest Psychology Journals results sample


The limiters are comprehensive, the options available to you appear in collapsible lists on the left column in the results.

When you find an article that interests you:

  • To preview an article, you can mouse-over the  icon. A small window will appear You'll see the article's abstract, subject headings and citation information.
  • Click on the icon to access full-text of the article in PDF form. If no other form is available use the icon.

    Tip: If you have a choice to use a PDF or an html version of an article choose the PDF for accurate page numbers!
  • If a full-text version of your article is not available, search for the title of your article in Fetch!
    or request the article through the Interlibrary Loan form.
  • If you make a ProQuest Account, you can make folders and organize your research. Place articles in folders by clicking the Save to My Research link under the icon and following the prompts!

Why ProQuest Entrepreneur

  • Business Plans--From the well known University of Texas at Austin Venture Labs Investment Competition (formerly Moot Corp), a collection of almost 400 business plans drawn from this renowned competition. Includes plans presented by participants which are drawn from regional business plan competitions from around the world. Spans all types of businesses from technology to consumer goods.
  • Market Research--With instant access to thousands of market research documents, entrepreneurs can quickly become equipped with the data needed for thorough analysis and pitching to investors. This valuable content contains market and company reports, key financial ratios, demographics, insights, benchmarks, statistics, and more.
  • Start-Up Plans, Templates and Forms--Give users an A-to-Z approach to entrepreneurship as steps are laid out from concept through management. These tools also guide users through various processes and can serve as a "checklist" of items needed to secure financing.
  • Journal and Magazine Content--Top publications relating to the practice of entrepreneurship are provided in the form of full journal runs plus selected articles with a weekly refresh from more than 11,000 sources ensuring the latest information for users.
  • Business Cases--A staple in the study and practice of entrepreneurship, a business case is a structured plan outlining the feasibility of an idea. Obtaining business cases can be expensive in a piecemeal fashion. In the academic setting, business cases allow professors to build or refresh the courses they teach.
  • Working Papers--Working papers are "future" articles which may appear in publications months or years down the road. These "full-length" versions of the author's work provide cutting-edge insight and information on the latest trends in a variety of subject areas.
  • Conference Proceedings--Conferences are often the first place an idea is shared prior to a person creating a working paper -- these events reflect the latest in scholarly research spanning all topics. Conferences are often panel discussions and help promote innovative thought on various topics.
  • Full Text Dissertations--Provide insight into roads already traveled while helping to jumpstart research and exploration for an entire "thought area" through the work of others. Dissertations serve as a springboard for new research and ideas on which to build.
  • Blogs--More than 61,000 blog entries licensed and approved by Newstex. Blogs are reviewed by professional editors and provide users with fresh new sources of information covering entrepreneurship, trade and industry, and global business.
  • Books--With access to hundreds of  reference and “how to” books online, entrepreneurs gain coverage for a wide variety of business topics. Subjects include business plans, grant writing, small-business marketing, finance, and many more.
  • Company Profiles--More than 48,000 premium company profiles from Hoovers. Users can quickly research company fact sheets, overviews, competitive analysis, and financial information – useful in researching market opportunity for new business ideas.

Finding Research Articles in ProQuest Entrepreneurship (PE)

To find business and marketing articles, perform the following steps in ProQuest Entrepreneurship (PE)

OFF CAMPUS ACCESS (including Residence Halls): Contact the Library for the NC LIVE password to access ProQuest content off campus. 704-233-8097 or Ask Ethel.

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link located above of the search box on the PE landing page.
  2. For this example, we're going to ignore the search boxes.
  3. We're going to look for specific information related to an Industry by the NAICS code.

  4. Visit Census.Gov's North American Industry Classification System and search for Home builders.
  5. In Proquest Entrepreneur's Advanced search, in the enter 236115
  6. When searching you can use boolean operators and NAICS notation e.g. (naics(236115) OR naics(221114))
  7. Under the Source Type field, select the "Reports", Market Reports, Industry Reports and Marketing Research checkboxes.
  8. Now click the search button.

On the results page you can:

  • Refine your results by using the filters/limiters in the right hand column.
    You can filter by: Publication Title, Document Type, Language, Geographic Location, Company/Organization and more!
  • To preview an article mouse-over the icon/link. To access an article or citation, simply click on the record title.
  • To open a full text article, click on the icon.
  • If you like the article, you can save it to your research folder by clicking the icon located above the article.
    Tip: You'll need to make a ProQuest account to use this function!
  • I can also email myself the article using the icon. Be sure to check the "Include: This will give you a detailed history of your searches so you'll be able to replicate your search strategies in a different database!
  • If there is no full text access to an article you're looking for, search for it by title in other business related databases. If you still can not find the article, request it through interlibrary loan.
  • If there is no online access, don't forget to double-check Periodicals by Title to see if the Library has a print subscription to your journal.