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ER 7950: Doctoral Capstone Project - Compton - Fall 2017: Websites - ED

Useful Websites

The Wikipedia Dilemma

Using the information from "Evaluating Web Pages" from Duke University Libraries in the box to the left, take a look at Wikipedia and think about the following:

Is Wikipedia a good source to cite in your research? 

Search No Child Left Behind Act on Wikipedia

  • Click on the Edit tab in the upper right-hand corner

    • Anyone can make edits to this entry

  • Click on the History tab in the upper right-hand corner

    • Look at all the changes that have been made to this article - do you know who made these changes?

  • Note the Wikipedia warning boxes

    • Disputed neutrality, not enough citations, etc.

Is Wikipedia a good resource to help you with your research?

Search No Child Left Behind Act on Wikipedia

  • In the Contents box, click on the links for See also, References, and External links

    • These links guide you to resources from the U.S. Department of Education, Library of Congress, National Education Association, and more

The conclusion?

Wikipedia is a good site to help jumpstart your research as it can lead you to other sources you know are credible, but it is not a good site to use as a source because the information can be too unreliable.

Need Data...?

Evaluating Websites

How do you know the information you find on the Internet is trustworthy?