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GATE 101: Gateway C: Research Planning

Step 1: Search Terms from Research Question

Starting Reaserch Question:

Texting while driving: Do current laws go far enough? Should similar behaviors be regulated?

 Find important words, and refine ambiguous terms:

     texting, driving, regulation, laws

Step 2: Get Background Information


  • Overview   -   Gain a broad understanding of your topic
  • Definitions - Be an informed reader
  • Notable Names - Know the major players
  • Dates & Events - Contextualize your topic
  • Bibliographies - Fish those citations!

 General Encyclopedias

Step 3: Gather More Search Terms

Build a list of keywords and synonyms


"texting while driving" • "texting and driving" • "driving while texting"
"driving and texting" • "distracted driving" "txting....driving...etc"


laws • legislation • regulation

"United States of America" • USA • "United States" • US
effective • addressing reducing