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Student Assistant Quick Guide to Research: Inter Library Loan

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InterLibrary Loan: An Introduction

From Library Schmibrary ( Ethel K. Smith Library provides two different InterLibrary Loan (ILL) forms: one for books and the other for periodicals. 

Please note: InterLibrary Loans generally take five to ten working days to fulfill.

  • Books: Unless only specific chapters are requested, book loans are fulfilled by delivering the entire book.  There is no charge for loaning a book.  If specific chapters are requested, there is a ten cent per page charge for photocopying.  Any photocopy is yours to keep.
  • Articles: This includes magazines and journals.  Libraries are not in the habit of loaning entire issues of any periodical title, so it is necessary to photocopy the articles you wish to request.  There is a ten cent per page photocopy charge.  The photocopied article is yours to keep.

If you are in one of Wingate University's satellite programs and require a book, article, or ERIC document that the library already owns, please look at our Bulldog Delivery service.

    For more about InterLibrary loan, e-mail 


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