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  • Wingate is the Last Stop on the Wingate University Singers and Chamber Choir Tour
    The Wingate University Singers and Chamber Choir will travel to five North Carolina cities this month before concluding their annual Winter Tour on the campus in Wingate. The vocal ensembles begin the tour in Raleigh on Feb. 21. Other performances are scheduled in Winston-Salem, Wilmington, Wilson and Gastonia. The final concert will be Thursday, Feb. […]
  • English Professor Inspires Students to Find Life-Changing “Spots in Time”
    From her office in the Burris Building, Dr. Sylvia Little-Sweat has an impressive view of two of Wingate University’s most notable landmarks: Stegall Administration Building and The Old Well Spring. The English professor also has a bird’s-eye view of much of the University’s history. She’s been on campus as a student or instructor for the […]
  • WU Grad Named President of Global Marketing Firm
    Tyson Webber loves many aspects of his job, but one of the best perks is going to huge events: the Olympics, the Final Four, the Super Bowl. “You don’t always get to see the event,” he says. “Though you’re working, the passion that goes along with those events is remarkable. Getting to do a number […]


Reservations and Reserves

August 28th, 2013 by Alison Simpson in Announcements, Bibliographic Instruction, Reference, Reserves

Ashley Shealy is accepting reservations for library instruction sessions for fall 2013.  Additionally, if you need to book the Reference Computer Commons for student research, reservations are available. Contact her at or ext. 8099.

Certain that your students will need to access specific materials to complete their research? CourseReserves are always an option. Alison Simpson is accepting materials for fall 2013 Course Reserves now. Contact her at or ext. 8093.

Each semester, authorization must be given before any Student/Student Assistant may request EKS Library services that will incur Departmental Charges. Please provide authorization (email, phone call, or written notice) to Alison Simpson at or ext.8093. Faculty, Staff,  and approved Students may charge Scantron forms, laminating, binding and other Library services to theirDepartment(s) for billing. Students must present WU ID when requesting Departmental services.  Per the Business Office, the service of copying may no longer be billed to Departments. All copies are to be made with WU ID.

Course Reserves at the Ethel K. Smith Library

March 18th, 2010 by Isaac Meadows in Bibliographic Instruction, Reserves

Need something on reserve at the Library? Finding it is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click on Course Reserves on the Library homepage and search by professor or course.

  2. Write down the call number for the item you need, bring it to the Circulation Desk, and we will retrieve it for you. Course Reserves are for in-building use only with a checkout time limit of three hours.
  3. Or click on the blue title hyperlink to see if your item is available online as an E-reserve. If you see “Linked Resources: E-reserve. Log in as ACAD\[username] listed in the item record, simply click on the login hyperlink to access the article online! Just remember to type ACAD\ before your Wingate Network userid.

Got questions? Stop by in person, Ask Ethel, or call the Reference Desk at 704-233-8097. It’s a Great Day at the Ethel K.!

MyGateApps and Copyright for Faculty

September 28th, 2009 by Amee Odom in Copyright, Reserves

While the Library Staff is excited about all the possibilities afforded with the implementation of the MyGateApps system, we do have one specific concern regarding copyright compliance as it applies to journal articles and other online content.

Just as with Course Reserves/E-Reserves through the Library, the same article/item cannot be placed on MyGateApps more than one semester without the copyright holder’s written permission. Also, if the EKS Library has online access to the article it cannot be placed on Reserve and should not be placed on MyGateApps. In this instance, please share the citation or link with your students so they can retrieve the item using the Library’s online databases or from the Internet.

If you do choose to upload course materials to the Documents or Sites section of MyGateApps, please adhere to the following three guidelines in order to comply with copyright:

How long can each item remain on MyGateApps?
One semester only without seeking the copyright holder’s written permission

With whom can I share these items?
Only students enrolled in the class may have access to the items

How do I ensure access to the item is password-protected?
When you send invitations to your students to view the item(s), be sure to invite them “To view” and not “To edit” the item. Also, please make sure that the note “Sign-in is required to view this item” appears at the bottom of the “People with access” tab on the Sharing screen.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact Amee Odom at 8096.

Course Reserves

August 13th, 2007 by Alison Simpson in Reserves

A memo concerning Course Reserve and copies of Course Reserve Forms has been emailed to each Faculty member and Department Secretaries. The title of each form should explain its use and the information required for each type of reserve. I have already received several reserve requests and appreciate the pre-planning of those Faculty members. Please keep in mind the following when planning and/ or assigning Course Reserves:

1/ An appropriate Course Reserve form is necessary for all reserves.

If the items are in the EKS Main Circulating Collection they need to be retrieved from the stacks and presented at the same time as the form. If the items are DVD’s or items housed in the “cage”, call numbers need to be listed prior to submitting request. If the items are articles or copies of less than 80% of a book, one hard copy will be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk and the document will be placed on e-reserve. In order for your students to retrieve e-reserves for your class, a class roster must be submitted with the reserve items. E-reserves can be accessed and printed from a student’s room, home, or anywhere an Internet connection is available. The class roster allows restricted  access to those currently enrolled in the class. Students will need to know their username and password.
Personal copies may be placed on reserve with the appropriate completed form.

2/ A period of 24 hours is required for processing before an item can be available for student check out.

Please do not present reserve items on the same day that you require students to access the materials.

If there are any questions con-cerning the Course Reserve process, please feel free to con¬tact Luanne Barbee at 8093 or lbarbee@wingate. edu.

What is a Reserve and Where do I Find Them?

November 9th, 2006 by Alison Simpson in Circulation, Reserves

A Course Reserve item is an item that a Faculty member has placed on reserve for a specific class and period of time. These items will be returned to the circulating collection at the end of the reserve period. They are intended for use with a specific class and course of study during a semester period. Course Reserves can only be used while a patron is present in the Library building. These items require a Wingate University ID card to be checked out and must be used only within Library areas, this does not include the Ethel K. Cafe.

A Permanent Reserve item is an item that is “permanently” located on the reserve item shelf. These are items that have been identified as items that are not necessarily a Reference item, but an item that is useful for research. These include Masterplots, Literary Criticism, and other useful research items. Permanent Reserves can only be used while a patron is present in the Library building. Again, these items also require a WU ID card to be checked out and must be used only within Library areas, this does not include the Ethel K. Cafe.

When looking through the Library Catalog, these items will be listed as being located at Closed Reserves. To use a Closed Reserve, you will need to obtain the call number and present this information along with your WU ID card at the Circulation Desk where a friendly Library Assistant or staff member will be glad to help you.

The Ease of E-Reserves

October 10th, 2006 by Alison Simpson in Reserves

The Library staff would like to ask Faculty to remind their students of the extensive and easy access of items placed on E-reserve. All articles that are requested for reserves are available via E-reserve to students registered for the class from any computer.

Students can read or print an E-reserve in their room, at home, or in the Bridges Lab. Students will need their username and password to access these reserves, but most importantly, they will need to type “ACAD\” as the domain in front of their username or in the domain field to access these files. A hard copy of the reserve item is also held at the Library’s Circulation Desk should students prefer to photocopy pages. However, as with all Library transactions, students must have their Wingate University ID card to use reserve items. With the addition of smart classrooms on campus, Faculty members might consider taking a few minutes to access the Library homepage and show their students how to locate an E-reserve during class.

For Faculty members with access to a scanner, Moodle is an option for posting journal articles and the like. Faculty members who do so are responsible for copyright compliance and librarians cannot scan articles.

For E-reserve questions, please contact Luanne Barbee, ext. 8093 or

Things to Do When the Library is Closed

March 15th, 2005 by jimm wetherbee in E-Resources, Interlibrary Loan, Reserves

It’s true that—all things being equal—we would all like to see the library doors open whenever someone needed what the Ethel K. has to offer. All things are not equal. Even so, over the past few years the library has been able to offer a number of services to the Wingate University community at or near a 24/7 basis.

So, for everyone whose academic life revolves around the library, here are a few of things you can do when all is still within the library walls.

  • Look up and read articles and books from NC-LIVE. NC-LIVE@Home provides full text journal articles and books online. That’s right; books are also available from NCLIVE. Check out the link to net Library on the Library’s NCLIVE page ( That comes to over 20,000 full-text book titles. If those are not enough books, you can also go to World Cat in NC-LIVE to select from tens of millions of books. See and for more details.
  • Submit inter-library loan requests. Found a book or article you need that is not full text? Check out and submit a request online.
  • Look up and read e-reserves. As long as you remember to append ACAD\to your username (e.g.,ACAD\stu), you are able to read reserve material that has been placed online. There’s more on this at
  • Look up books for the next day. One can use the online catalog directly from the library homepage ( and it is available all day save for the hours of 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. (when the database is backed up).
  • While you are in the online catalog, you can also see whether any books are about due and renew them. Click on the button on the online catalog. Hints: the barcode is your student ID and the PIN is 00000 (you can change the PIN later). Read the books you checked out and the articles you already copied when the library was open.

This is not an exhaustive list and there is more that the library staff hopes to offer, but even so, the above could fill many an evening or early morning.

E-Reserves Revisited

October 11th, 2004 by Isaac Meadows in Reserves

by Jimm Wetherbee

Although e-reserves has been with us for two years now, it is a resounding—albeit evolving—success. It allows students and their instructors access to material placed on closed reserve at any time and any place. The fact that students do exactly that can be seen from logs that the web server generates. There are some things to keep in mind, however.

The library still maintains a hard copy of an e-reserve item behind the Circulation Desk. This allows students who do not wish to print an e-reserve or read it off a computer screen to access the material. This also means that e-reserves are treated like any other reserve item, going first to Luanne Barbee before being placed on the web server. E-reserves are also stored in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. The Reader can be downloaded from and plugs into any web browser.

What is different this year is that copyright rules require that electronic reserve items be available only to those students and instructors of the class that they were assigned. This has meant that access to the documents had to be tied to one’s Wingate University network username. The network username requirement further restricts students as to what browser they can use. Those browsers are: Internet Explorer 5.0 or better, Mozilla 1.5 or better or Foxfire 0.9. The username requirement also means that one’s password (which expires every 180 days) must be current. The best test is to log onto a computer in one of the labs or the DPC. If a student cannot log-in there, he or she will not be able to access e-reserves. A final note is that using the network log-in requires that users enter the Domain. In most browsers this is integrated with the username, so that one would log-in as ACAD\username. In older versions of Internet Explorer, you will see a third line that is used to enter the domain (again ACAD).

Thank you for making e-reserves a continued success.

Happy New Year!

January 15th, 2003 by Alison Simpson in Reserves

I hope you all had a wonderful, heartwarming and soul renewing holiday. The beginning of a new semester means new Class Reserve items, new Room reservations, and new equipment reservations. All Fall 2002 reserve items have been pulled, removed as reserves and returned to their appropriate owner or location. Now we get to start new. I have already received many items that have been placed on reserve, but wanted to remind others that Closed Reserve items are accepted throughout the semester as needed. The normal time required to have an item placed on reserve is 24 hours. A listing of all items on reserve by professor and/or class is easily available through the Library website under “Course Reserves”. Please remind students that they will need to know the call number of any reserve item they intend to use and that use of reserves is limited to inside the Library building.

Reservations for Library rooms and equipment are growing daily. Please call Luanne Barbee (8093), Josh Suggs (8101) or Jimm Wetherbee (8092) to reserve the AV Auditorium, Library Lab, CMC, LCDs, Laptop computers, Overhead projectors, etc.

Hope to see you soon!

Luanne Barbee