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EKS Library Mugs

September 19th, 2005 by Alison Simpson in Circulation

Library MugEthel K. Smith Library coffee mugs are now available in the coffee shop. Make a one time purchase of $5 and receive the EKS mug (12oz). With the purchase of the mug you purchase a $5 card which entitles you to 5 servings of coffee or hot chocolate in your EKS coffee mug. When you run out of punches, you simply purchase another card and the process continues.

Things to Do When the Library is Closed

March 15th, 2005 by jimm wetherbee in E-Resources, Interlibrary Loan, Reserves

It’s true that—all things being equal—we would all like to see the library doors open whenever someone needed what the Ethel K. has to offer. All things are not equal. Even so, over the past few years the library has been able to offer a number of services to the Wingate University community at or near a 24/7 basis.

So, for everyone whose academic life revolves around the library, here are a few of things you can do when all is still within the library walls.

  • Look up and read articles and books from NC-LIVE. NC-LIVE@Home provides full text journal articles and books online. That’s right; books are also available from NCLIVE. Check out the link to net Library on the Library’s NCLIVE page ( That comes to over 20,000 full-text book titles. If those are not enough books, you can also go to World Cat in NC-LIVE to select from tens of millions of books. See and for more details.
  • Submit inter-library loan requests. Found a book or article you need that is not full text? Check out and submit a request online.
  • Look up and read e-reserves. As long as you remember to append ACAD\to your username (e.g.,ACAD\stu), you are able to read reserve material that has been placed online. There’s more on this at
  • Look up books for the next day. One can use the online catalog directly from the library homepage ( and it is available all day save for the hours of 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. (when the database is backed up).
  • While you are in the online catalog, you can also see whether any books are about due and renew them. Click on the button on the online catalog. Hints: the barcode is your student ID and the PIN is 00000 (you can change the PIN later). Read the books you checked out and the articles you already copied when the library was open.

This is not an exhaustive list and there is more that the library staff hopes to offer, but even so, the above could fill many an evening or early morning.

EKS Library Travel Mugs

November 11th, 2004 by Alison Simpson in Circulation

Library MugYou may now purchase an EKS Library travel mug for $3.00 each at the Circulation Desk.

E-Reserves Revisited

October 11th, 2004 by Isaac Meadows in Reserves

by Jimm Wetherbee

Although e-reserves has been with us for two years now, it is a resounding—albeit evolving—success. It allows students and their instructors access to material placed on closed reserve at any time and any place. The fact that students do exactly that can be seen from logs that the web server generates. There are some things to keep in mind, however.

The library still maintains a hard copy of an e-reserve item behind the Circulation Desk. This allows students who do not wish to print an e-reserve or read it off a computer screen to access the material. This also means that e-reserves are treated like any other reserve item, going first to Luanne Barbee before being placed on the web server. E-reserves are also stored in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. The Reader can be downloaded from and plugs into any web browser.

What is different this year is that copyright rules require that electronic reserve items be available only to those students and instructors of the class that they were assigned. This has meant that access to the documents had to be tied to one’s Wingate University network username. The network username requirement further restricts students as to what browser they can use. Those browsers are: Internet Explorer 5.0 or better, Mozilla 1.5 or better or Foxfire 0.9. The username requirement also means that one’s password (which expires every 180 days) must be current. The best test is to log onto a computer in one of the labs or the DPC. If a student cannot log-in there, he or she will not be able to access e-reserves. A final note is that using the network log-in requires that users enter the Domain. In most browsers this is integrated with the username, so that one would log-in as ACAD\username. In older versions of Internet Explorer, you will see a third line that is used to enter the domain (again ACAD).

Thank you for making e-reserves a continued success.

Do I Still Have That Checked Out?

October 11th, 2004 by jimm wetherbee in Circulation

by Jimm Wetherbee

Ever wondered just what you have checked out of the library? Perhaps you want to renew an item but were unable to bring it to the Circulation Desk. These are just a couple of the things you and your students can do from your home or office.

From the Online Catalog menu on the library homepage ( there is an option called “Patron Information.” From there you will be asked to log in. There are three fields. The first is for your campus ID number, the second your PIN and the third your last name. The PIN is initially set to 11111 and you can change it once you are logged on.

Patron information includes personal information (your name, address, etc), any holds that are either pending or have arrived, fines that you may have accrued, circumstances that may have blocked your card, and what items have been checked out to you (called Charged Items). You can even renew charged items once (sorry, to do so more often does require that you bring the item to the Circulation Desk). Take a look at your Patron Information, you might be surprised at what you find.

Ethel K. Smith Library Travel Mugs

October 11th, 2004 by Isaac Meadows in Circulation

EKS Travel MugYou may now purchase an EKS Library travel mug for $3.00 each at the Circulation Desk.

Study Hall, Room & Equipment Reservations

September 10th, 2004 by Isaac Meadows in Circulation

The Library has many wonderful places for group study and class meetings. It is important, however, to remember when booking these rooms that you much contact Mrs. Barbee or Mr. Wetherbee at least 24 hours in advance, to be able to make your reservation. The rooms do fill up fast and are at times booked by clubs, organizations, or classes throughout the semester.

Anyone needing equipment for these rooms or for presentation outside of the Library will also need to call at least 24 hours in advance to reserve any of these items.

A Change in Library Procedure

October 27th, 2003 by Isaac Meadows in Circulation

Videos, DVD’s, CD’s and other multimedia items have always been available for Faculty to peruse freely in the Closed Stacks. Unfortunately, the Library has suffered many disappearances of these items over the past few years. In an effort to track usage of these items and traffic, a secure area has been constructed to house all Videos, DVD’s, etc. A Library Staff member will be happy to open the area and retrieve an item or assist you in locating one. Call numbers will be very useful from this point forward. Thank you.

Happy New Year!

January 15th, 2003 by Alison Simpson in Reserves

I hope you all had a wonderful, heartwarming and soul renewing holiday. The beginning of a new semester means new Class Reserve items, new Room reservations, and new equipment reservations. All Fall 2002 reserve items have been pulled, removed as reserves and returned to their appropriate owner or location. Now we get to start new. I have already received many items that have been placed on reserve, but wanted to remind others that Closed Reserve items are accepted throughout the semester as needed. The normal time required to have an item placed on reserve is 24 hours. A listing of all items on reserve by professor and/or class is easily available through the Library website under “Course Reserves”. Please remind students that they will need to know the call number of any reserve item they intend to use and that use of reserves is limited to inside the Library building.

Reservations for Library rooms and equipment are growing daily. Please call Luanne Barbee (8093), Josh Suggs (8101) or Jimm Wetherbee (8092) to reserve the AV Auditorium, Library Lab, CMC, LCDs, Laptop computers, Overhead projectors, etc.

Hope to see you soon!

Luanne Barbee

Have You Heard the News?

September 16th, 2002 by Alison Simpson in Circulation

You will see a new, yet familiar face when visiting the EKS Library in the evening and on weekends. Ms. Peyton Traynham has joined our staff as Evening/Weekend Circulation Supervisor. Ms. Traynham has many connections to this university. Her father taught here, she is an alumni, and as a child, she attempted to check out every book in our Juvenile collection.

Welcome Peyton, we’re glad you’re here!

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