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MyGateApps and Copyright for Faculty

September 28th, 2009 by Amee Odom in Copyright, Reserves

While the Library Staff is excited about all the possibilities afforded with the implementation of the MyGateApps system, we do have one specific concern regarding copyright compliance as it applies to journal articles and other online content.

Just as with Course Reserves/E-Reserves through the Library, the same article/item cannot be placed on MyGateApps more than one semester without the copyright holder’s written permission. Also, if the EKS Library has online access to the article it cannot be placed on Reserve and should not be placed on MyGateApps. In this instance, please share the citation or link with your students so they can retrieve the item using the Library’s online databases or from the Internet.

If you do choose to upload course materials to the Documents or Sites section of MyGateApps, please adhere to the following three guidelines in order to comply with copyright:

How long can each item remain on MyGateApps?
One semester only without seeking the copyright holder’s written permission

With whom can I share these items?
Only students enrolled in the class may have access to the items

How do I ensure access to the item is password-protected?
When you send invitations to your students to view the item(s), be sure to invite them “To view” and not “To edit” the item. Also, please make sure that the note “Sign-in is required to view this item” appears at the bottom of the “People with access” tab on the Sharing screen.

If you have questions regarding this information, please contact Amee Odom at 8096.

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