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Baker & Taylor Lease Plan

November 11th, 2004 by Richard Pipes in Collection Development

Please Note:  The Library’s Baker & Taylor Lease plan was discontinued in 2010.  If you were searching for the Book Store’s book rental program, click here.

In processing this year’s Library Requisition cards, I must have come across requests for at least a dozen books that at one time or another we had in the Lease books collection, but returned. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps an explanation of how the Lease Plan works might be in order.

Baker & Taylor is the largest book distributor in the US, and is our main source for books. B&T also has a Lease Plan option wherein they make books available to libraries to lease for a period of time. The library can then decide if it should keep a particular title or send it back. As one can imagine, the Lease option is very popular with public libraries which would want multiple titles of bestsellers but only want to keep one copy permanently. For an academic library like the EKS, leasing gives a way to provide popular reading materials with a minimum of investment in scarce funds and space. After paying a basic subscription fee, the library gets to keep one book for each five books returned. B&T also has a sale once or twice a year when titles already held under the Lease Plan may be purchased for as little as $1.75 or $2.00.

Here at the EKS, the entire staff is involved in selecting the materials we get through the Lease Plan. There are thousands of titles available. While it doesn’t include scholarly titles, almost anything available as a “mass market” or popular title is. One way to visualize the distinction of “mass market” is to picture the type of book you would find at a Barnes & Noble or Walden Books
store, or online at The Lease Plan does not include titles from academic or university presses, unless they are ones expected to sell many copies. Many recent titles in history, popular science, politics, social issues, general religion, and especially current fiction are included.

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