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New Library Policies

September 10th, 2004 by Isaac Meadows in Features

Drink Policy

The Library has made some changes regarding polices concerning the use of closed container drink bottles and coffee mugs. Patrons of the library may now bring in drink bottles with lids and coffee mugs with closed tops. These items are welcome only in certain restricted areas of the Library. They are NOT allowed in the stacks. When in the computer lab or AV Auditorium the drink containers must be kept away from the electrical equipment and on the floor with the tops closed. We appreciate your cooperation as we implement the new policy. If you have any questions or need further explanation as to what is an “acceptable” container you can look at the display which is located under the window in the Lobby of the library or on the Library website in our Policy Handbook in Section 1.E Food, Drink, and Tobacco Products.

Late fines/ Book Checkout

The new book fine for books returned after the date stamped on the Due Date card is 25¢ per book per day. Please be sure to check the Due Date and return items promptly. Wingate University Students are now allowed to have a max of 12 books checked out to their account at one time. FOL members are allowed to have a max of 6 items checked out to their account at any one time.

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