Do I Still Have That Checked Out?

by Jimm Wetherbee

Ever wondered just what you have checked out of the library? Perhaps you want to renew an item but were unable to bring it to the Circulation Desk. These are just a couple of the things you and your students can do from your home or office.

From the Online Catalog menu on the library homepage ( there is an option called “Patron Information.” From there you will be asked to log in. There are three fields. The first is for your campus ID number, the second your PIN and the third your last name. The PIN is initially set to 11111 and you can change it once you are logged on.

Patron information includes personal information (your name, address, etc), any holds that are either pending or have arrived, fines that you may have accrued, circumstances that may have blocked your card, and what items have been checked out to you (called Charged Items). You can even renew charged items once (sorry, to do so more often does require that you bring the item to the Circulation Desk). Take a look at your Patron Information, you might be surprised at what you find.