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April 30th, 2002 by jimm wetherbee in Databases

You may have noticed that the latest edition of Britannica dates from 1997.  That is because for the last few years the Library has subscribed to the Encyclopædia Britannica Online. There are several advantages to the online version.

First searching the online version is much simpler than the printed edition.  For starters, one does not have to slog through the Propedia, Micropedia and Macropedia.  Not only is searching easier, but the online edition is updated much more frequently than the printed edition.  Finally, the online version links to high caliber websites and features excellent bibliographies.  Even if you aren’t accepting encyclopedias as sources, features like these can help students understand their research topics and find the sources they will finally cite.  The Encyclopædia Britannica Online is available to from any computer in the academic quad (sorry, not in the dorms or apartments).

Students who need the sort information an encyclopedia can provide, but cannot get to computer within the quad, have access to the Groiler Multimedia Encyclopedia. Based on the Academic American, this work is admittedly less advanced and does not provide links to other web sites.  It does, however, include bibliographies in many of its articles and will give 100 and 200 level students a starting place for understanding their topics. The Multimedia Encyclopedia is available via NCLIVE.  Access outside the quad is through the NCLIVE@Home password.

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