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First Baptist of Ivy Gap

May 1st, 2007 by Alison Simpson in Features

Photo Courtesy: Larry Coleman

Photo Courtesy: Larry Coleman

In his last official role as a director, Larry Coleman chose a very real to life comedy to direct. First Baptist of Ivy Gap was a hit from the first moment. No matter what denomination a member of the audience belonged to, there were characters presented on the stage that everyone could recognize in their own congregations. The hardest part for some would be admitting to being the character themselves.

For our librarians who were on stage, fitting into the roles was easier than for some people. This shows Mr. Coleman’s propensity for casting the right people in the right roles. Acting is always easiest when all you have to do is act natural. And natural they were.

In case you are still looking trying to figure out who is who, Mrs. Barbee is on the far left in the white hat and gloves. Our other two staff members are side by side at the center. Mrs. Hargett is the fifth from the left with the headband and flashy top. Mrs. Odom, our beloved library director, is next to her in the floral print dress.

This show was fun, not just to watch, but to participate in as well. There was much work, practice, and dedication that was put into this production, but it was an enjoyable experience for all.

While Mr. Coleman will still be on campus in his other staff duties, his directing abilities will be sorely missed. We can only hope his replacement is half as good.

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