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Library Assistant Spotlight

May 1st, 2007 by Alison Simpson in Student Assistants

Photo Courtesy: Keith Lassiter

Photo Courtesy: Keith Lassiter

Every year at commencement, there are library assistants who walk the stage to receive their diplomas. On Saturday May 12, 2007 the four assistants above will join that group. Just as each one of them will admit to Wingate University leaving it’s mark upon their lives, so to will the University have to admit that these assistants have left their marks upon the University. These marks have been extremely apparent and noticeable to the staff of the Ethel K. Smith Library. Some of the words to describe these marks include dedication, devotion, determination, dependability, desire, and dutiful, for starters. But the greatest mark these four have left upon the hearts and minds of the library staff is delight. The smiles in the picture are not fake nor were they coaxed. These four always had a smile to offer and a cheerful attitude at every shift. Even with the pressures and hassles of tests, exams, papers due, and presentations to give, their delight never wavered. As they go on to pursue careers in law, nursing, education, business, or something different entirely, one thing is sure. The Ethel K. Smith Library will never be the same without them. Congratulations ladies, may your marks upon this world be as evident as your marks upon this place.

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