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Moodle Q & A

November 9th, 2006 by jimm wetherbee in Reference

Q. What is Moodle?
A. Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS) that allows students and professors a single web portal through which to communicate and exchange assignments.
Q. How do I get to the Moodle site?
A. You may either go directly to Moodle from or click on MyGate (Moodle) from the Student services section in the Current Students page of the Wingate University Website.
Q. OK, I’m in Moodle but I can’t select any courses, now what?
A. You actually have to register. You can do this by clicking on the “log-in” hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner of the window. From there click on the New Account link and fill out the new account form. Be sure that you include your Wingate University e-mail address — it is the only one Moodle will accept. When you are done, click on “Create My New Account.” Moodle will confirm that you really want an account by e-mailing a confirmation notice. The notice should be in your inbox by the time you open your e-mail client. Click on the confirmation link and you are in.
Q. I didn’t get a confirmation message, what do I do?
A. Call Jimm Wetherbee at ext. 8092 or e-mail him at and he will confirm your account manually. Please have your student ID number ready.
Q. I don’t know my student e-mail address. How can I confirm my Moodle registration?
A. Please see Jimm Wetherbee in the Library and bring your student ID card. He will let you know what your e-mail address and password are. You will need the e-mail address for more than just Moodle, so you might as well get that information sooner rather than later.
Q.How do I take the Computer Proficiency Exam?
A. Once you are logged on to Moodle, select Wingate 101 from the Course List. Choose the Computer Proficiency Exam section, not your Wingate 101 professor.
Q. How do I print the last page of the Exam?
A. There is no print button on the last page. You can, however, right-click on the exam and choose Print.
Q. Why do I have to create a Moodle Account? Should I get one automati-cally?
A.Right now Moodle accounts are not integrated into any other computer system on campus. We hope that by Spring, Moodle accounts will be tied to student e-mail accounts.

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