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New Home Page Design

October 10th, 2008 by jimm wetherbee in Features

Library HomepageThe Library staff is excited about the new look of the Library’s home page.  Jimm Wetherbee worked diligently to get the new page online. The familiar
categories are still there, but there is a new look and several enhancements. A link for PBS videos can be found by clicking on the “More…” under “Find.”
Another interesting feature is found by choosing “More…” under “Service.” This feature is the Library Space and Instruction Calendar, which allows users to view a calendar with all of the bookings for rooms and Bibliographic Instruction Classes. Patrons can find out if a room or class time is available when they need it or if they need to change a date or location. Bookings cannot be made on the new calendar, but it does give an overall view of what is available and when. These are just a couple of the items that are already available and we expect more to come. The hope is that the page is easier to navigate. Please try it out and give us your feedback.

The Library Website Revisited Yet Again

September 10th, 2004 by jimm wetherbee in Announcements

For those who are counting, this is the fifth major face-lift for the Library Web-site. As with past changes to the web-site, this one takes advantage of new techniques and is aimed at opening up library resources.

The new design employs dynamic cascading menus similar to what one finds when using Windows. This change allows many more links packed onto a page than before; such that one can move directly from one page to almost any other page on the site. Since all the major links can now fit on one sidebar, this increased flexibility is extended to the rest of the site. A minor edition is that a branching tree has replaced the “You Are Here” title. It is easy to see how one arrived at a particular as well as how to move back along the path one took since the entire path is hyperlinked.