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MyiLibrary eAudio Book Platform Discontinued

September 19th, 2011 by jimm wetherbee in Announcements, Databases, E-Resources

On Monday, September 19th,  the MyiLibrary Audio Books platform will no longer be available. Beginning September 19th, we will no longer be able to access audio books via the MyiLibrary service. Please note: This change does NOT impact the MyiLibrary eBooks service.

We expect to have the new Recorded Books One Click platform for these titles later this fall.  As we have more information about the launch of the new audio book platform, we will pass it along.

Audio eBooks Loaded

October 20th, 2010 by jimm wetherbee in Announcements, E-Resources

Ingram’s collection of audio eBooks has been available to the students and faculty of Wingate University since April of 2010 by going to the list of databases.  These titles are now available from the online catalog.

The advantage of searching for audio eBooks from the online catalog is that it allows the reader to search across collections (print, eBooks, and audio eBooks) not just one collections.  This means that if you wanted to search for all titles on a certain subject, regardless of format, you can.  On the other hand, if you are just interested in eBooks, you can select eBooks from the “Limit To:” menu and get just eBooks and audio eBooks.  If you are just interested in audio eBooks, you do that too from the “Limit To:” menu.

Distinguishing an audio eBook from other media is very easy in the online catalog.  To the right you see two listings for the book 1491.   The one on top is the audio eBook. First, all audio books have an icon that looks like a speaker.  Next, notice that after title you see the phrase electronic resource in brackets.  Electronic resources can be anything from a CD-ROM to a database, by very frequently these are electronic books (that is, eBooks).  Finally, if you look at the call number you will see that it ends with “eab” after the year.  You might have noticed that our eBooks end with “eb” (for electronic book).  The same sort of thing is going on here.  In this case “eab” is short for “electronic audio book.”

Like any electronic book, you need to know which hyperlink to use to get to the audio eBook.  Just like any search, if you pull up a unique item, you will be taken straight to the record listing the details of the audio eBook.  If more than one item fits your search, just click on the hyperlink of the title to reach to item record view.  Once there you will see a tag called “Link” and the hyperlink to take you to the audio eBook displayed in the record.  In this case, the link you want says “Ingram Audio eBook (Password Required).  You’ll also noticed that record give you other useful information such as subjects, that the audio eBook is an abridged version of the print edition and that is lasts about 11 hours.

Like many of our databases, to get to your audio eBook, you need to know the username and password you use to log onto the computers in one of the computer labs here on campus.  This is most likely the same as the username (first part of your e-mail address) and password the computer center first issued you for your e-mail account (changing your e-mail password does not change your campus log-in account). This will take you to the record in Ingram’s eAudio library.

Ingram requires that you create an account with them, in addition to the account  you need to get to the eAudio library.  This is because you will be downloading the audio eBook.  Creating an account is easy and you confirm it by responding to a e-mail from Ingram once the account is created.  There is one other step before downloading the audio eBook.  You must download the audio eBook reader (called the IMM or Ingram Media Manager).

Once you download the IMM, you can then download the audio eBook.  From there you can either listen to audio eBook (even while it’s still downloading) or transfer the audio eBook to an MP3 file to listen on any MP3 capable device (including Apple iPods).

Just like a library book, you are borrowing your audio eBook.  You have seven days the finish listening to it before the file shuts itself off.  Think of it this way, you don’t have to remember to return an audio eBook.  It returns itself.  Also like any library book, if someone else is using it, you can place a hold on it so that when it becomes available, you will receive an e-mail  Then just click on the link, download,and enjoy.