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Leadership Fellows travel to Washington DC

March 15th, 2005 by Alison Simpson in Features

In February, the senior representatives of Leadership Fellows had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC with Mrs. Amy Odom, Mrs. Susan Sganga, and Dr. Pam Thomas. Along with some sight seeing, students had the privilege of meeting with some important leaders and discussing what aspects of leadership are important to them.

Senator Elizabeth Dole was able to take time from her busy schedule for a quick introduction. Although she was only able to talk with us briefly, everyone was impressed by her poise and sincerity. The group was also able to meet Congressman Robin Hayes. In response to our many questions, Congressman Hayes remarked that loyalty and consistency are two of the most important characteristics of a strong leader.

During the trip, the Leadership Fellows were also able to attend a lecture by Wilma Mankiller, who is an author as well as the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Her lecture focused on the role of women, especially Native Americans in today’s society.

Some of the many sites the group was able to visit included the Capitol Building, the Pentagon, the National Cathedral, the Presidential and War Memorials, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. Along with these historical places the group also participated in a filming of CNN’s show Crossfire. We also found the time to have some interactive fun at the new Spy Museum. The four-day trip concluded with a stop at Arlington Cemetery. Overall, it was an enlightening as well as a very enjoyable trip.

Submitted by Jessica Lane

Student Assistants Spotlight

October 11th, 2004 by Ashley Shealy in Student Assistants

Cara Balcerak and Joe Kanekar are two of our library assistants at the EKS Library. Joe Kanakar is a Junior, Finance major. His home is in “downtown” India (Bombay). He is on the Wingate Tennis team. Joe works during the evening hours and is of great assistance in helping patrons at the Circulation Desk. Joe enjoys working with the “nice staff” at the library.

Cara Balcerak is a Freshman, Elementary Education Major. She is a commuter from Marshville, NC. She enjoys reading “the Classics” and spends her study time in the Library’s Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) and the Children’s Room. Cara currently assists with Ms. Brown and Mr. Pipes in Technical Services.

Student Assistants in the Spotlight! Seth Allen and Jessica Lane

September 10th, 2004 by Ashley Shealy in Student Assistants

Two of our Library student assistants participated in the University Summer Research projects this past summer.

Seth Allen studied with Dr. Nancy Randall and conducted interviews with Mexican Nationals in Union County. These interviews were to determine their opportunities for upward social mobility. As part of his project he was able to make the use of his growing fluency in Spanish, as well as learning more about the growing Latino communities in Union County.

Jessica Lane and Dr. Allison Dixon studied the Bruce Effect in mice. Exposing pregnant pure breed and hybrid females to foreign males has been found to block pregnancy in mice. It was through dissection that they were able to determine the effect of the males’ pheromones on fetal development.

They will be presenting their projects during the Fall semester.

We are so proud of them!

Our Wonderful Library Assistants

February 6th, 2004 by Ashley Shealy in Student Assistants

Library Assistant One 2004Library Assistant Two 2004Library Assistant Three 2004

Ethel K. Smith Library Assistants are a vital part of the processes for the Circulation and Periodical Desks. In addition to daily duties at each of these desks, and assisting patrons with all sorts of questions, our Library Assistants work daily to keep our collections orderly and accurate. This past year we began using a hand held palm pilot to scan and track items in the collection. Assistants are regularly given a “shelf reading” assignment or section to review for shelving errors and misplaced items. After a section is read, another assistant will scan that section to verify with the computer that all the items are accounted for. This system has proved to be very beneficial in that it helps the assistants to have a better appreciation for the efforts necessary to maintain order in the collections, and gives them much more experience in locating items for patrons. This check and balance system has also created a friendly competition among some of the assistants. By using a stop watch, they time each other for speed and accuracy in their assignments. The EKS Library Staff is grateful for the efforts of our helpful, willing and bright assistants. Hats off to our students!

Library Assistants Graduating

April 15th, 2003 by Ashley Shealy in Features

The EKS Library has eight Library Assistants graduating this May. Most of these assistants have worked with us all four years of their college careers and we will miss them very much. Some are going on to graduate school and others to join the work force. We wish them much joy and success! Congratulations to: Abby Coleman, Jessica Hylton, Kate Lokash, Jesse Reid, Jennifer Scarpim, Nathan Seibel, Josh Suggs, and Rusty White.

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