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Ethel K Smith Library

About the Library

Monograph Collections

The Library's collection contains over 100,000 print volumes, the majority of which are located in the Main Stacks area of the library and are available for check out.

Digital Collections

In addition to physical resources, the library provides access to over 175,000 e-books and access to a myriad of resources through the library's 70 academic databases.

Kincaid Collection

Kincaid RoomThe Juvenile and Young Adult books in the Ethel K. Smith Library, formally a subset of the CMC, are housed in the Mary Ann Kincaid Room.  These books are of particular interest to Education majors and faculty.  In addition to providing classic children’s books, this collection contains all the Newbery Medal winners, the Caldecott Medal winners, and the Coretta Scott King Award winners.  These books are available for standard check out by Wingate University students, faculty, staff, and FOL members.  The Kincaid Room may be reserved for classes, storytelling, or other activities by contacting the Circulation Desk at 704-233-8089.

The BB&T Charitable Foundation Collection

It is our privilege to introduce the BB&T Charitable Foundation Collection. The Wingate University School of Business was awarded a grant from the BB&T Charitable Foundation jointly with the Jesse Helms Center in order to support the study and research of the foundations of capitalism and free enterprise.

This grant makes possible the addition of Ayn Rand’s texts to the Ethel K. Smith Library’s collection. The Collection highlights the works of Ayn Rand, a Russian-born philosopher, who wrote extensively on the benefits of capitalism and free markets. She is responsible for originating a philosophy known as Objectivism, which provides a moral defense of the capitalist system. Rand is most recognized for her classical philosophical novel Atlas Shrugged, which is one of several fiction works that are part of this collection. Additionally, Rand wrote many non-fiction works related to her Objectivist philosophy or the capitalist system more generally.

To find this collection in the Library’s online catalog, simply enter “BB&T Charitable” into the Basic Search box and you will be linked to the entire list of items. Each item has a BB&T Charitable Foundation Collection bookplate to recognize the work in our collection.

For questions, contact Dr. Peter Frank, Assistant Professor of Economics at or 704-233-8144 or the EKS Library Reference Desk at or 704-233-8097.

Nippon Foundation Collection

Over the course of the Summer of 2009, the EKS Library applied for and was selected as a recipient of a book donation project sponsored by The Nippon Foundation. Dr. James Hastings, Assistant Professor of History at Wingate University, brought the program to the attention of the Librarians.  The focus of the book collection is “Understanding Contemporary Japan.”

A total of 43 titles were selected by Dr. Hastings and Mr. Richard Pipes, Collection Development Librarian, in order to best support the University curriculum. To find this collection in the Library’s online catalog, simply enter “Nippon Foundation” into the Basic Search box and you will be linked to the entire list of items. Each item has a Nippon Foundation bookplate to recognize the work in our collection.

We would like to extend our appreciation to Dr. Hastings and Mr. Pipes for their instrumental roles in the application and selection process. These materials will serve and enhance the resources for multiple disciplines.

Wingate University Special Collections

Just what is Wingate University Special Collections?
  • DigitalNC collections- online yearbooks and academic catalogs.
  • Black and White Photos- printed images used in the yearbooks.
  • Negatives- Linn Joy Collection (Campus Photographer)
  • Slides- Un-catalogued slides from various trips or subjects of interest.
  • Small Color Photos- Un-catalogued 3x5’s, and 4X6 prints donated from Public Relations.
  • CD’s- Un-catalogued discs containing images from various commencements, campus grounds, or special events.
  • DVDs- Collection of DVDs for the first season of Wingate Today produced for the campus broadcast.
How can I learn more about the collections found on
Just visit the EKS Library Research Desk during regular service hours. The Librarian on duty is available to assist you in learning more about using our online content.
When do I make a research appointment?
Our small staff size doesn't permit us to offer research services for a fee. However, you can make an appointment to view and scan print photos in the collection or to view CDs or DVDs. If you have items similar to those bulleted above and may be interested in donating them to Wingate University Special Collections, we ask that you schedule an appointment as well. 
Who do I contact about Special Collections? Rich Carney