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PSYC 206: Introduction to Critical Thinking and Research Design: Research Planning

Step 1: Search Terms from Research Question

Identify research material that interests you and propose your own idea for a study.
Make minor changes to a study, design a study based on "future directions" suggested by a published author, or propose a design entirely dissimilar to anything you've read.

Example topic of interest:

The Bystander Effect  and... Internet

Step 2: Gather More Search Terms

Build a list of keywords and synonyms


 "Bystander Effect" • "Bystander Apathy" 
Internet  Computers • Online •  Cyber Digital
"Future Research" • "Proposed Research"
Methods Methodology



Hit or Miss V. Phrase Searching

 Phrase Searching " "


Phrase Search: "prosocial behavior"

This time our paired keywords appear next to each other.

<image citation: >

Concept Mapping

                     Concept Mapping



                                      Credo Mind Map

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