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Ethel K Smith Library

BIOS: Biology Intensive Orientation Seminar: Find Everything - Fetch!

Finding all the things!

How to search "Fetch!"

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link located beneath the basic search box on the Fetch! landing page.
    Your search term(s) will be "mad cow disease"

  2. Now click the Search button.

Tip: Topics sometimes have Research Starters that will get you up to speed on the subject:

Moving forward, you can get a lot of information from Fetch and customize how you see it.;

Interpreting your results, or how to narrow your results by medium.

The main column on the page consists of the results of your search. You can sort the results by publication or relevance, and limiters that can be used to narrow your search results appear in the left column of the page.

You can choose to see
only Peer-Reviewed, Full-Text,
and/or abstracted entries.
You can also limit your publication
You can limit your results by 
source type.
Other limiting options are available.
Click the drop-down arrows to see
everything that's available.


To find books, click the Books limiter under source types. 
Advanced Tip: (You can also limit your search to the Catalog only while on the Advanced Search screen)





Fetch can also be used to find newspaper, popular, and academic articles:

Use similar limiting techniques to choose the type of articles you can see in your result set, e.g. (Academic Journals).



Balancing your information overload....

This is a little overwhelming! How do you find articles that are both scholarly and scientifically technical enough to help you solve this case?

Use scientifically focused databases i.e.

  • Wiley Online Library
  • Science Direct