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BIO 150: Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology: Classifying Research

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Identifying a Primary (Original Research) Source - The 7 Headings of the Scientific Method

Articles containing original research are fairly easy to spot. Look for the following segments in an article. The segments should be clearly labeled with headings.

I. Abstract

   An complete overview of the article often includes summarized findings and brief methodological notes.

II. Introduction

   Contains background information about the topic of study and should contain a clearly stated research question/goal.

III. Materials

   This segment should provide a list of all the materials used and the methodology behind executing the experiment.

IV. Methods

   A good article should provide stepts detailed enough that another researcher can successfuly duplicate the experiment.

V. Results

   The results of the experiment should appear here. There should be raw data.

VI. Discussion

   The raw data is then analyzed and conclusions are drawn from the data and a conclusion is reached.

VII. References

   The author has included citations for all of the sources they reference in their text.

Research v. Review Article