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Ethel K Smith Library

PASS: Preparing for Achievement in Sports Science: Exercise: Article Identification

Article Identification

Using recreation or sports as a primary search term paired with another related topic of personal interest to find a scholarly/peer-reviewed article.  Answer the questions below and be prepared to comment on your article choice.

Availability: How can you get access to your article? Is it full text? Will you need to ILL request it?

Quality: Is the article peer-reviewed? Is the author reputable? Are trade publications appropriate to use in your research?

Use: How would you use the article in your research? Can you locate additional resources using your article?

Attribution: Jot down the citation information for your article and prepare to make a citation for it once using APA formatting.

Find Publications by Title

Search Full Text Finder for specific journal, magazine and newspaper publications held by the EKS Library.
- Full text coverage of the publication can vary by database.
- Be mindful of delays in online access. For example:
      "05/01/1996 - present
(Full Text Delay: 1 year)"
      This means that access includes today's date, one year ago.

- If a specific article is not available use InterLibrary Loan to request a copy.