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Ethel K Smith Library

PSI: Psychology and Social Science Intensive: Exercise 1

Search, Find, Show & Tell

Please identify a book currently in Wingate’s library collection by using the online catalog search engine that discusses your group's killer.

Some important things to examine when looking at book records in the catalog are Book Summaries, Tables of contents, Indexes and other information within the record.

Once you've identified your book, as a team, retrieve your book if it is physically available. No matter the format, be prepared to discuss why you selected your book.

H.H. Holmes - RED - Find a physical book related directly to your killer, can be fact or fiction.
Ted Bundy - ORANGE - A reference book containing your killer, can be directly related to serial killers or forensics.
Zodiac Killer - GREEN - Find an e-book or book related to your killer, be sure to use Fetch! limiters.
John Wayne Gacy - BLUE - Find a useful reference book that could help you identify psychological disorders afflicting Gacey.

Librarians Choice: Jack the Ripper

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