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PSI: Psychology and Social Science Intensive: Exercise 3: What is this CRAAP?

What is this CRAAP?

It's time to put the CRAAP test to use!

Using your team's killer as your primary search term, locate two websites, one that passes the CRAAP test and another that is obviously failing the test, and then answer the questions below. Have a team recorder jot down notes on your website and be prepared to share with the class.


H.H. Holmes
Ted Bundy
Zodiac Killer
John Wayne Gacy

Currency: When was the website created? Is it regularly updated? Is there clearly outdated information? Are the links active?

Relevance: At whom is the information targeted? Is the coverage general or detailed? Are there relevant links to other websites?

Authority: Who is responsible? What are their credentials? Do they cite their sources and are the sources quality? Can the author be contacted?

Accuracy: Does the site's material match the facts that you've already gathered on the topic? Is the information objective or does it contain bias? How does it compare to other sources (print and non-print)?

Purpose: Is it commercial? Are there paywalls? Do you have to provide personal information? Why is it on the Web?