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MARK 301: Principles of Marketing - Brock: Building Searches

Gather More Search Terms

From your research question:

Is there a market for off the grid housing?

Build a list of keywords/synonyms and concepts


green • sustainable • "zero energy" • solar

home(s) • hous(e/ing) • building/builders

consumer(s) • buyer(s) • demographic(s)

Marketing Marketing Plan(s) • Marketing Strategy(ies)

  North Carolina Mecklemberg County Charlotte

Hit or Miss V. Phrase Searching

 Hit or Miss Search

Bad Search: zero energy housing

The result is relevant, but the search terms are nowhere near each other, which doesn't make this result as relevant as it could be.

 Phrase Searching " "


Phrase Search: "zero energy housing"

This time our paired keywords appear next to eacher other.

<image citation: >

Boolean Operators


Wildcards, typically the #, look for all possible variations of a letter in a single position within a word.

Search: Wom#n
Woman, Women, Womyn, Wom!n, Wom@n

Boolean Game: Vampires

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