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Ethel K Smith Library

ER 7950: Doctoral Capstone Project - Compton: Periodicals

Types of Periodicals

Check out this video on "Magazines and Scholarly Journals" from the University of Arkansas Libraries.

POPULAR SOURCES: Popular sources contain articles on topics of popular interest written in a non-scholarly style, while journals contain articles of original research and commentary including footnotes and works cited. Avoid citing popular magazine articles in your work. If a magazine article contains compelling information, look for references in the article and then locate that reference source for use in your assignment.

TRADE PUBLICATIONS: Trade journals are aimed at readers who operate within a specific industry. Some journals are accessable online for free, and others require a subscription. The EKS Library provides access to databases that contain articles from an array of trade publicaitons.

SCHOLARLY JOURNALS: are peer-reviewed or refereed journals. Prior to publication, articles undergo a critical review process by experts / referees on the subject who evaluate the quality of the research. 

NEWSPAPERS: articles are published daily and filled with factual informaiton about events. Factual articles can count as primary sources if they only report the facts available at the time and are the first published account of an event and are not analytical or theoretical (editorials/opinion pieces). The EKS provides access to newspapers electronically and in physical format.

Find Publications by Title

Search Full Text Finder for specific journal, magazine and newspaper publications held by the EKS Library.
- Full text coverage of the publication can vary by database.
- Be mindful of delays in online access. For example:
      "05/01/1996 - present
(Full Text Delay: 1 year)"
      This means that access includes today's date, one year ago.

- If a specific article is not available use InterLibrary Loan to request a copy.

Education and Psychology Journals

Suggested Periodicals

Search by title in the Library's Full Text Finder service to find access and coverage dates for these periodicals:

  • Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal

  • Education and the Law

  • Journal of Law & Education

  • School Law Bulletin

  • Special Education Law Monthly

  • The Yearbook of Education Law

  • Your School and the Law