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DPT Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy Periodicals

Types of Periodicals

Journals, magazines, newspapers: what's the difference?

Check out this video on "Magazines and Scholarly Journals" from the University of Arkansas Libraries.

MAGAZINES: contain articles on topics of popular interest written in a non-scholarly style, while journals contain articles of original research and commentary including footnotes and works cited.

SCHOLARLY JOURNALS: are peer-reviewed or refereed journals. Prior to publication, articles undergo a critical review process by experts / referees on the subject who evaluate the quality of the research.

Make sure you are using the appropriate type of resource required by your professor. If in doubt, just ask a librarian - we'll be glad to help!

Bulldog Delivery Service and InterLibrary Loan

Need a book, article or ERIC document owned by the EKS Library but can't get to campus? Just request the item online via Bulldog Delivery and we will deliver it to your home campus. While there is no charge for books, articles and other printed information cost 7¢ per page.

If you need a book not owned by the EKS Library or an article not available in full text online, simply request them via InterLibrary Loan and we will have them delivered to your home campus. While there is no charge for books, articles and other printed information cost 7¢ per page.

Find Publications by Title

Search Full Text Finder for specific journal, magazine and newspaper publications held by the EKS Library.
- Full text coverage of the publication can vary by database.
- Be mindful of delays in online access. For example:
      "05/01/1996 - present
(Full Text Delay: 1 year)"
      This means that access includes today's date, one year ago.

- If a specific article is not available use InterLibrary Loan to request a copy.

Suggested Periodicals

Search by title in the Library's Full Text Finder for access and coverage dates for these periodicals:

  • Physical Therapy in Motion

  • Journal of Physical Therapy Education

  • International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy

  • The Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

  • Journal of Physical Therapy Science

  • Physical Therapy: Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association

  • Advances in Physical Therapy Research

Open Access Databases

Physical Therapy Periodicals

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