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Evaluating Websites

How do you know the information you find on the Internet is trustworthy?

Ask Ethel!

The Wikipedia Dilemma

Using the information from "Evaluating Web Pages" from Duke University Libraries in the box to the left, take a look at Wikipedia and think about the following:

Is Wikipedia a good source to cite in your research? 

Search No Child Left Behind Act on Wikipedia

  • Click on the Edit tab in the upper right-hand corner

    • Anyone can make edits to this entry

  • Click on the History tab in the upper right-hand corner

    • Look at all the changes that have been made to this article - do you know who made these changes?

  • Note the Wikipedia warning boxes

    • Disputed neutrality, not enough citations, etc.

Is Wikipedia a good resource to help you with your research?

Search No Child Left Behind Act on Wikipedia

  • In the Contents box, click on the links for See also, References, and External links

    • These links guide you to resources from the U.S. Department of Education, Library of Congress, National Education Association, and more

The conclusion?

Wikipedia is a good site to help jumpstart your research as it can lead you to other sources you know are credible, but it is not a good site to use as a source because the information can be too unreliable.

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