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Ethel K Smith Library

Course Building: Open Educational Repositories

OER Repositories

What are open educational resources?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are instructional materials that are released under creative commons licensing or in the public domain. They may include anything from full textbooks, audiovisual materials, homework packets, lesson plans, and more that are intended to be modified, reused, or remixed.

Why use OER?

You will be able to create customized course material that will enable you to educate your students according to your professional vision selecting only the materials that you think are relevant to your course...with no added starch. Best of all, it's FREE for you and your students.

Where can I find materials?

Below you will find links to trusted OER repositories. Take a look and you'll locate materials that you will be able to integrate into your existing courses, use as a foundation for a course, or even to help spark an idea for future academic offerings.