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Ethel K Smith Library

Services for Faculty

Faculty collaboration is a key component for ensuring that the library's materials meet our students needs. Faculty requests for material are welcome and are intended to support a particular class or subject area.

Requisition Forms

Please choose one of the forms below to request that an item be added to the library's collection. Please note that all requests must be approved by the requesting faculty's departmental chair or dean.


The annual departmental funding allocation letters will be sent via email to the Department Chairs/Deans at the beginning of the ordering cycle. 

100% of a Department’s budget must be spent by the 31st of October. Unspent funds will no longer be encumbered for the department in question.

Individual allotment allocation letters for New Faculty will be sent via email upon the recipient's on-boarding with the university.

Allocation Formula

The formula for the distribution of the library's collection development funds, approved by the Library Committee, exists to provide a fair and equitable disbursement of funds.

Presently the allocation formula is the function of five factors that once combined create the total percentage of the collection development funds awarded to a department.

A) Average cost of a book in the particular discipline*

B) Total hours taught in the department

C) Number of majors enrolled in the discipline

D) Number of full time faculty in the area§

E) Percentage of the allocation encumbered by the deadline of the previous academic year

(A+B+C+D+E (converted to average) ) / 500% = Allocation Percentage

†All figures represented in the formula are taken from the previous academic year.
‡Source: Registrar’s Office
* Source: Library Trade Publication
§ Source: Office of Academic Affairs
¶ Source:  Collection Development Data

Final decisions regarding acquisitions and purchasing will remain with the Collection Development Librarian. The main focus of materials collected will be on the support and enhancement of teaching in specific areas, primarily on the undergraduate level. See Collection Development of the Library Policy Manual