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Ethel K Smith Library

Wingate University Special Collections: About

This is a topic guide for Wingate University Special Collections. Included are links to digital libraries with content about Wingate University, local North Carolina collections, digital archiving, preservation, and best practices.

Our Mission

Wingate University Special Collections (WUSC) is an initiative to organize and present significant materials in digital format, relating to Wingate School/College/University, to provide researchers information about the traditions of Wingate University and the education community.

A Timeline of Wingate University Special Collections (WUSC)

Previously collected items in the University Archives (UA) are non-circulating.  However, the UA artifacts are available for viewing on campus by appointment.  This works well for our campus community, but can be an access barrier for researchers located elsewhere. 


Beginning in 2005, materials from the UA were identified by the library's e-Resources Librarian for the purpose of digitization. This was the beginning of Wingate University Special Collections (WUSC) as an in-house effort, to create a digital presence for Wingate University's history, with the goal of publishing open access content. In preparation for digitization, many hours were spent processing collected items. During this phase, collection gaps were filled, grouped by item type, and arranged by date and/or subject. 


In 2012, WUSC partnered with the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center to digitize and promote access of two online collections available through the DigitalNC website.  Now researchers can search, view, and download items from the Wingate University digitized collections of Academic Catalogs and Yearbooks. 


In 2015 print photographs, 35mm slides, and negatives were relocated from the UA to the EKS Library for the purpose of expanding WUSC. Future digitization plans include the production of visual collections related to Wingate University and higher education in North Carolina. In 2016 the physical items for both UA and WUSC, were transferred to the Jesse Helms Center for better climate control and preservation.

General Guidelines for Research Appointments

We recognize researchers may prefer to view the physical items within a collection and want to schedule a visit with us.  Appointments take place in the Jesse Helms Center, under the supervision of the Special Collections Archivist.  A non-circulating policy applies to the collections. Materials should not be placed at risk during the time of use.  

Guidelines for researchers include:

  • Timely Requests - Individuals are responsible for making requests to research materials in advance of the date needed for a class project or assignment. One week is the suggested notification for requesting an appointment.

  • Necessary trade tools such as: gloves, pencils, etc., provided to the patron at the time of the appointment.

  • Ink pens are not permitted.

  • Food and drink prohibited at all times.

  • Personal belongings will be placed in a secure area while the researcher uses collection materials.

  • Notepads to document information and handheld recording devices are permitted.

  • Permissions - Access and use of the collections are designed to balance the needs of researchers with the university's need to serve as a good steward of the materials. Physical condition is always a consideration for protection and preservation. Due to condition, not all materials are available for public viewing.  In such cases, researchers are encouraged to use the digital version of our collection materials made available through DigitalNC. We ask visiting parties to recognize and underscore this emphasis.

  • Reproductions - All materials will be governed by reproduction guidelines under the United States copyright laws and statutes.  Those who prefer to schedule a research appointment, are permitted to use digital devices such as a camera or a smart phone to reproduce images of items with unrestricted copyright terms. The digital reproductions or presentation of items may only be used for private study or scholarship. To learn more about copyright laws, contact the U.S. Copyright Office


Digital Libraries

In addition to our partnership with the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, information about Wingate University may be found in these digital libraries.